50 ways to earn extra money

Need a few extra dollars to put the cream in the coffee? Be it a holiday, or an electric bill, it’s nice to have a little pocket money to help cover the costs.

Earning a few extra dollars isn’t really that hard to do. Everyone has an area they are good in, or an area that they enjoy, such as a hobby, which could turn into a nice little money spinner. Find your area of expertise and earn a few extra dollars while doing it.

However, if you really are stuck for a way to earn a bit of pocket money, I’ve listed below 50 money making ideas, which might just get those creative juices flowing:

  1. Get a part time job.
  2. Babysit for your family, or neighbours.
  3. Grow and sell plants. You can use recycled water and save on costs for this.
  4. Mow lawns for people who work and don’t have the time, or the want, to do this.
  5. Cook an extra meal, or two and sell it to your busy, working neighbours.
  6. Grow a passionfruit plant and sell the fruit, using an honesty box system out the front gate.
  7. On line surveys. There are a number of sites on line, who pay quite well.
  8. Writing articles, short stories and blogs for magazines and internet sites.
  9. Buying antiques and sell them at a profit.
  10. Trade shares on the stock exchange.
  11. Buy and sell items on Ebay.
  12. Sell your artwork. There are a number of online sites that could sell your work.
  13. Take photos and sell them, or put them with an article you have written, to sell to magazines.
  14. Take your hobby and find a way to market it
  15. Write songs, or poetry and sell them
  16. Dog walking
  17. Pet grooming
  18. House sitting
  19. Go to garage sales and on-sell, either by holding your own garage sale, or sell on Ebay
  20. Enter competitions and sell the prizes that you win
  21. If you do craft, sell what you make
  22. Recycle scrap metal
  23. Offer your services as a cleaner
  24. Do someone’s ironing for them
  25. Wood turning
  26. Making curtains
  27. Furniture upholstery
  28. Detail cars
  29. Handyman work. Make up flyers and put them in letter boxes.
  30. Weeding gardens for elderly, or busy people.
  31. Clean ovens. A lot of poeple don’t like to do this and would rather pay to have it done.
  32. Clean windows
  33. Clean garages
  34. Tutoring
  35. Bake cakes and sell at the local markets
  36. Go busking with your favourite instrument
  37. Host a morning tea, charging a small fee
  38. Create your own ghost tour.
  39. Hold a private dinner function
  40. Make your own brand of cheese
  41. Bee keeping, selling the honey
  42. Create your own fashion label. Market to the local stores, or have a stall at your local market
  43. Take lunches to sell at work
  44. Edit, or rework, student essays
  45. Create gift ideas and have your own web site to sell them through
  46. Cook low fat, gluten free, or organic foods and sell to your local café’s
  47. Sell firewood
  48. Sell Cadbury fundraising chocolates
  49. Do up old furniture and sell it
  50. Remove rubbish for people, charging them a fee.

I hope there’s an idea here which is able to work for you, or at least give you a direction for you own hobby and help you get started making a few extra dollars on a regular basis. What you also might find is, that you’ll gain more work as you become more well known in your niche. Perhaps one day you may find your hobby making more than your day job.